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Turn your phone into a retro gaming console

Victor DediosVictor Dedios 08/25/2019 at 13:482 Comments

This project started on late 2017 and has gone through different states: concept, market research, design, several iterations, tests, packaging design, digital development and communication (website+social). On October 2018 it finally reached the last step, selling some units to customers and being able to test market. I could talk with some of them who gave me a lot of feedback and made me learnt which things should be fixed and which things were great about the project. I worked on improving things, sold few more and decided to stop. I needed to breath because I had been working on it for about 12 months and felt I had to reconsider some things. It was great what I had achieved and learnt but there was something missing.

A bunch of playloops I assembled before testing them
Design of the packaging 

This is the last, and most important lesson, at least for me. When I started this project I had almost to zero knowledge. To get you in situation I barely know how an arduino worked (yes I had coded the basic blink led, and servo motor examples) and my skills with cad were drawing with sketch up. Every bit of information I got was thanks to this open hardware community, thank to all the open designs, lessons, schematics and courses I could find on the internet. I even got benefit from Hackaday itself where I could learn a lot of about AVR programming. This is the reason why I want to put my grain of sand and share my journey with this project and, apart from taking profit of it and keep selling it, giving back to the community what I've gotten. It will be incredible to see people learn with my experience and, of course, build Playloops. 

Just to finish, you can get extra info of how the product was sold, presented to the public in the official website. Due to problems with the domain provider I had to go with a free weebly one for now.


Victor Dedios wrote 08/27/2019 at 16:30 point

thank you very much @Taiwo ! It's very rewarding to see how other people like it ;)

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Taiwo wrote 08/25/2019 at 16:35 point

Amazing one. Great job... And the amount of info you gave? 5 star. Great job once again...

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