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How to get the Onago to, well, fly!

agm777agm777 10/27/2016 at 22:050 Comments

If you have an Onagofly and want to make some quick improvements without cracking the case open, update these settings on Mission Planner.

1. Perform an accelerometer calibration.

2. Perform a compass calibration.

3. Setup your failsafes.

4. I also strongly recommend setting up a geofence, as the Onago app does have a tendency to crash, causing the drone to fly away. A geofence will limit how far it can go by activating RTL if it goes too far. However, don't turn this on if you use "follow me" mode, as it will follow you to the geofence and then RTL. I have mine set to 50m, and can confirm that it does work with the stock firmware.