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agm777agm777 01/09/2017 at 00:541 Comment

So I have the micro PPM receiver successfully installed in the Onago. No flight yet (it just wants to flip over the moment I give it throttle, have to debug that), but it is receiving commands from the FlySky TX.

Note that I am using the 10 channel mod on my FS-i6, so I have to use i-bus. PPM doesn't work correctly with the custom firmware. FlySky has released an updated version of this TX called the FS-i6X that does natively support 8 ch PPM and 10 ch S-bus and i-bus, and I'd highly recommend this updated version unless you already have the older model like me. You could, of course, use a different TX, such as a Taranis.

Edit: forgot to mention that a firmware update is required on the Pixhawk to use the i-bus protocol. That's why I don't have a flight video yet; the newest APM firmware is giving me trouble.

Here is a picture of the receiver connected to the flight controller:

I also have a video:


micahj383 wrote 01/29/2017 at 20:15 point

Heck yes,I've been following closely to see where you get to.i also made the mistake of getting  an onagofly at indigo prices and just want to see it fly properly.keep up until the good work,I just ordered the i6x,hopefully it gets here soon!

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