Getting started

A project log for ALEKYA - Open Source Construction Robot

A robotic system that aims to automate building construction using local building materials in developing countries.

Nishant AgarwalNishant Agarwal 08/25/2019 at 11:190 Comments

Before starting the design, I was sure about a few things that I needed to incorporate within Alekya-

  1. The components used should be standard and locally sourceable.
  2. The machine should be modular for easy assembly.
  3. It should be scalable to adapt to the scale of a construction project.
  4. The electronics and software used must be inexpensive, open source and widely available.

With these thoughts I started to design my first prototype.

I started with the electronics first. No surprise here. The standard 3d printer electronics, but two sets of them as the machine is essentially a culmination of two robots coworking with each other.