Potential Purchasing Options:

A project log for Portable Professional Fume Extractor

An open source professional, portable, high-filtration fume extractor built out of ewaste and off the shelf parts that won't break the bank.

Anthony KouttronAnthony Kouttron 08/24/2019 at 21:040 Comments

Here is a quick diagram of the potential options I have for selling this fume extractor.

You can see that option #1, requires the buyer to have to do an inordinate number of tasks that, at the end of the day, would put off a large number of buyers from purchasing the unit. A buyer should not have to buy a PCB, the fan and the filter material then disassemble the fan, cut and wire strip the fan, hand solder / crimp some connectors on, make a few holes for mounting then reassemble and glue together a tray. That is FAR too much to ask for a customer to do. It is easiest and most efficient for me, salvagedcircuitry, to go with option #2, where I sell the unit as mostly complete or perfectly complete. Therefore no one feels like they are "inheriting a project" rather than purchasing an awesome product. I am looking into making DIY kits available for purchase, so if a buyer really wants to go all out, they can build one by them self. Such a kit would include everything needed to make the fan and instructions. That option would come later on as I would need time to make detailed, easy to read instructions for anyone to follow.