A project log for Portable Professional Fume Extractor

An open source professional, portable, high-filtration fume extractor built out of ewaste and off the shelf parts that won't break the bank.

Anthony KouttronAnthony Kouttron 08/24/2019 at 21:060 Comments

Since this project is so heavily dependent on ewaste, and a personal goal of mine is to minimize ewaste and spur reuse, it would be foolish to release this product as anything other than open source hardware. I plan on making the entire bill of materials, CAD, research and PCB design available for download for personal use only. I am leaning toward the CERN Open Hardware License for this project.

These are a few caveats. I will be the sole party responsible for mass manufacturing this product at scale and if it comes a time in the future when I decide to step away from this project, I will hold the right to certify another party to assemble or distribute this product. I also hold the right to create a joint venture with another company in the best interest of design, manufacturing and or distributing this product. In addition, the official name of this product may change to give it a broader appeal to a wider pool of customers. The Salvaged Circuitry brand and logo is owned by Anthony Kouttron and may not be reused, duplicated or copied for any financial intents or purposes unless express permission is granted by the rightful owner, Anthony Kouttron.    

I am not a lawyer by any means, but basically, this project is my baby right now and I would like anyone to be able to make their own, but I would not like any other company to mass manufacture this good without my consent or permission. This is not a monetary issue, but rather an issue of quality control. I don't want another company to come in and penny pinch this into oblivion and start providing substandard filtering materials, or use alternative PCBs powered by no-name undocumented chips that no one can source when the components fail.