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A project log for Portable Professional Fume Extractor

An open source professional, portable, high-filtration fume extractor built out of ewaste and off the shelf parts that won't break the bank.

Anthony KouttronAnthony Kouttron 08/24/2019 at 21:070 Comments

Since this project is open source, I'd love to know what you think! Seriously, give me some feedback folks! I'm interested in finding out what drill battery systems makers use and which ones I should CAD up and research connectors for. As mentioned previously, I'm aiming for the big three tool vendor systems, but there are some underdogs like the Hitachi-Metabo system that look pretty tempting. In terms of ergonomics, where would the end user want the DC jack to be? behind the battery? On the side of the battery mount?

In terms of the power button, should I reuse the mechanical release button on the handle as the on/off button or should I go with the power switch integrated into the potentiometer? If anyone has input on this, I'm all ears.

Thanks for reading :D