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A project log for Trackball PC

Building a computer into a rather sizable trackball...

StarhawkStarhawk 08/25/2019 at 02:200 Comments

Fan shroud assembled. Dollar Tree foamcore, you are one determinedly very ugly duckling, but I love you anyways.

That's a 40mm fan, BTW. Spins decently at 5v, I checked. 'Twill do, it only has to cool a Z3735f. This is not hard. I knocked the corner off the mounting plate so I wouldn't have to take the connector off the trackball. The goal here is to modify the trackball proper as little as possible -- in fact, the plan is that, aside from case mods, this entire job should be completely reversible without much difficulty.

Stupid photo posted sideways. (Go home, photo, you're drunk!) Oh well... I don't care enough to fix it.