Quantity   Component name
1 × Plastic fiberoptic cable Cheap plastic insulated end glow optical fiber. I bought 100ft of 1 mm black jacket star ceiling optic lighting fiber for about $22USD from aliexpress.com It consists of a very loose-fitting jacket over a plastic core.
1 × USB camera Depending on your needs it can be a $5 usb cam or a Raspberry PI cam or in my case a $65 Kayeton Technology 330fps at 640x360 with a 4mm manual focus lens usb camera from aliexpress. Camera framerate is important but resolution is not! High FPS allows FiberGrid to read sensor values at a higher rate. Camera needs to be able to focus on objects close to the lens (1 to 3 inches). Manual focus lense is the best.
1 × LED or USB LED lamp USB LED lamp or a small flashlight. Do not use lasers as they can burn out the sensors in your camera!
1 × 3D printer and BLACK PLA filament A 3D printer and BLACK PLA for printing all components. Black PLA is used to block ambient light.