Wearable Endgame Arc Reactor Wireless Charger

3d printed movie accurate arc reactor with modular cores allowing for movie accurate lights and the ability to charge a phone wirelessly.

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There wasn't much out there for 3d printing a movie accurate Mark 50/85 arc reactor so my Buddy Kurt Foster and I decided to CAD up our own in Rhino and Tinkercad with some Houdini and Netfabb mixed in there for giggles. The goal is ultimately to add all kinds of features to the reactor including burning lasers, transmitting body cameras, flamethrower (unibeam type thing), bluetooth speakers, Raspberry Pi, micro projector, set of useful tools, hard drive, sd card storage, 100W LED, Lithium battery pack capable of jump starting a car, Relays for controlling anything wirelessly with a 4G capable Arduino, digital assistants (Alexa, etc., and our own Arduino based homebrewed A.I.).

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 1.64 kB - 08/25/2019 at 01:54


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 6.63 kB - 08/25/2019 at 01:53


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 172.05 kB - 08/25/2019 at 01:36


center triangle diffuser for wireless charger.stl

center piece required to make light diffuser for wireless charger

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 43.25 kB - 08/25/2019 at 01:34


  • Getting info to everyone to do this yourself

    Don Juan De Pyro08/25/2019 at 01:49 0 comments

    So to make the body as I have you can purchase it on various sites like ETSY and such listed in the YouTube vid and Instructable if you want to save the time CADing it up yourself using the reference photos and vid of the real prop linked in the Instructable. The parts needed for the wireless charger core are included for free here in the downloadable files section. Instead of using the electronics panel included in the payed (only like $10 bucks to cover months of development) version you need the two included diffuser pieces and the pieces to hold the wireless charger circuitry. You will need to purchase the wireless charger I have linked or one similar to it in size. The size of the one I got was very compact. It

    It's really easy to just forcefully open it up and use all the wireless charging entrails to your hearts content. 

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    Instructions for building the main system

    To build the basic body I have an Instructable . I'll be updating how to do the whole wireless charger part here and as a separate Instructable and YouTube video.

    You'll need 3mm leds that are cool white which will need to be sanded down to 1.85 mm in thickness to superglue into the diffuser slots. I currently have them wired to a resistor and 9v battery but plan to change that to one of the plugs on the lipo charger pack I have to hook the wireless changer to. That will make it so I don't have to wear a shirt with a hole in it to get this thing all powered. 

    I'll keep adding instructions here as I go.

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jimmyplaysdrums wrote 08/02/2022 at 21:55 point

A version with MagSafe would be cool so my phone could magnetically stick onto my chest to charge. Lol. 

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