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A project log for Wearable Endgame Arc Reactor Wireless Charger

3d printed movie accurate arc reactor with modular cores allowing for movie accurate lights and the ability to charge a phone wirelessly.

Don Juan De PyroDon Juan De Pyro 08/25/2019 at 01:490 Comments

So to make the body as I have you can purchase it on various sites like ETSY and such listed in the YouTube vid and Instructable if you want to save the time CADing it up yourself using the reference photos and vid of the real prop linked in the Instructable. The parts needed for the wireless charger core are included for free here in the downloadable files section. Instead of using the electronics panel included in the payed (only like $10 bucks to cover months of development) version you need the two included diffuser pieces and the pieces to hold the wireless charger circuitry. You will need to purchase the wireless charger I have linked or one similar to it in size. The size of the one I got was very compact. It

It's really easy to just forcefully open it up and use all the wireless charging entrails to your hearts content.