The Tortoise and Hare

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Adapting an existing code base used for music transcription and spectrum analysis to forecast the near exact time of a major earthquake.

glgormanglgorman 09/01/2019 at 19:330 Comments

 If there are 3600 seconds in an hour, and 24 hours in a day, then there are 86400 seconds in one mean solar day, obviously - not counting the occasional leap second.  Multiply that on your favorite calculator by 36524 which is the number of days in 100 years, assuming that the century year is not a leap year - and you get 3,155,673,600 seconds.  Now press the reciprocal button on your favorite calculator and you will immediately see that by implication, if you have an earthquake fault that has a slip rate of one meter per century, then that will correspond to 3.169*10^-10 meters/second for the average slip rate of that particular fault, or approximately 3.17 Angstroms per second for each meter per century.  Which would mean that a typical active earthquake fault should radiate an acoustic signal associated with oscillations the associated Casimir field with a frequency which is proportional to the rate of slip and inversely proportional to any inter-ionic spacing for the various atoms and ions that have their respective fields go in and out of phase along any existing planes of fault slip.  Provided of course that the fault planes along a forming fracture plane have already formed, and yet they remain spatially proximal to the extent that the field gap is able to produce a signal.  Of course, once the main event is "just about to happen" if the fault gap increases to the point that the Casimir field dies off, then that would explain why the earth seems to fall silent, that is to say, just before the main shock.  This might also help to explain why at least for some earthquakes, the rate of change in frequency is linear in K,   or at least why it does not follow the normal equations of simple harmonic motion or classical wave mechanics.

This will only get curiouser and curiouser if I attempt to more fully develop the theory, because on the one hand, on such a serious subject as whether Casimer's analysis is mathematically sound, because of what it would imply,  insofar is attempting to analyze earthquake initiation based on quantum mechanical principles; but then again, as soon as one mentions Casimar, it can also lead to dark energy, and whether wormholes are potentially traversable (according to none other than Hawking and  Thorne, see Wikipedia!), as well as who knows what other kind of rabbit holes.

Yet that data is there for all to see …. and yes I will have a very interesting update on the hardware development side of this project in the next few days, along with additional source code.

But of course - if the Casimer effect were to be coupled with a clock reaction, analogous to the so called "iodine clock" …. well, this is something I will explain later …