In this video, I will show you something about Walduino which you can search in on Utsource.

➢Step descriptions:
✦Step 1:- Take components as shown in the video.

✦Step 2:- Defining the position of the components

✦Step 3:- Starting the soldering of the components

✦Step 4:- Cleaning the board with isopropyl alcohol

✦Step 5:-first test - Blink,  + test Blink

✦Step 6:-- General Testing - Starting communication with the Arduino IDE through the USB-Serial module

✦Step 7:Final Test - Ready to Use

Product list
『LED 3V』                 
『7805 5V 1A』            
『Universal PCB』      
  Capacitor 25v』   
『Resistor  』   

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