Delta X is live on Indiegogo with better price

A project log for Delta X - Opensource Delta Robot Kit

The First Opensource Delta Robot Kit In The World

doan-hong-trungDoan Hong Trung 11/10/2019 at 18:390 Comments

Dear everyone! 

So the Delta X crowdfunding project on Kickstarter was failed. We still lack too much experience for this first time. We didn't notice two things: shipping and marketing. Delta X is our passionate project so we can not give it up. Many people have sent us emails saying they still want Delta X even if the fundraising project fails. So we decided to do the other campaign on Indiegogo. 

This time we will call for fundraising with the amount of only $ 10,000 within 15 days, and specially the rewards will be more attractive, the shipping cost will be much cheaper, 2-3 times. Delta X is live on Indiegogo now. Hope you continue to support us. By the way, we really want to find someone to cooperate and support us in the process of shipping goods to shorten the shipping price even more. If you are able to provide that ship service, please do not hesitate to mail us: