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A project log for PCB Lamp

A motion-activated lamp, entirely planned, designed and manufactured at the DesignLab

GiovanniGiovanni 09/04/2019 at 00:110 Comments

Manufacturing processes were narrowed down to:

The only process I did not entirely like for this project was 3D printing. Mostly because this is supposed to be part of a quick workshop and if you have done 3D printing you know how much of a mood killer it can be to wait 3 hours for a tiny-yet awkwardly oriented part on your printer. But the motion detector system needs a component that blocks the LED from the sensor up to a certain distance so with no other practical alternative, let us plan for printing in three dimensions.

There is a rough first sketch of the lamp. The base did not look stable enough, and the shape was odd. Still talking about the base, we went for a sturdier feel to it, a more geometric, kind of predictable-yet reassuring shape, and a little elevation which gives it a nice shadow and depth, plus increases stability. Batteries ended up fixed to the back.