Our Vision

We believe that Augmented Reality is the future. We want to get AR into as many hands as possible. Instead of developing expensive holograms or one-off mobile apps, we are creating a robust, affordable platform that consumers and developers can start using right away. We want to nurture a community and collect valuable feedback so that together we can shape the future of AR.

That is why we created Oak

Oak is the first mobile AR platform made for everyone. Oak is portable, affordable, and works with the iPhone that you already own. Oak ships with four kits that let you immerse yourself in AR, whether you want to play drums, fly through space or create your own app

Rockstar Kit

Play any instrument anywhere. Just place the pads down and jam. When it's time to pack up, fold the Oak dock up and put it in your pocket. Take your music studio with you!

Gamer Kit

Turn your table into a battlefield. Collect powerful cards and watch them come to life as you face your friends, family and the online community!

Explorer Kit

Pilot your own spaceship. Dodge astroids and battle enemies as you explore deep space. With your ship in your hand, you’re in full control.

Dev Kit

Take your app beyond the screen. Our powerful SDK is built on top of familiar iOS tools and APIs to make developing AR fast, affordable and easy.