• Light at the end of the tunnel

    FiftyOne09/06/2019 at 14:02 0 comments

    So all the holes have now been cut and the windows are in.    The lights were a bit of a headache to get in a position and aligned and routed as they should be.   Still waiting on the dc-dc stepdown voltage controller to give me 12v access.    I think it looks ok, even if a little dim on the coil covers.  I can't really see myself doing too much riding in the dark.

    Good news to date has been;

    • - Able to use handfuls of stuff I had laying about to get to this point, so it's been cheap
    • - I haven't permanently 'fixed' something (yet)
    • - The vision looks achievable
    • - The remains of the casing seem to be strong enough for the handle which is now on the way

  • Glory Hole(s)

    FiftyOne09/03/2019 at 12:56 0 comments

    There wasn't as much room between the board and the chassis as I was expecting.  Infact, the board is kind of jammed in quite awkwardly.  The windows have been cut and all the perspex is in now.  Not going to tempt fate cutting the load bank cover off to install a window (for now) nothing really to see and more time which I'm not wanting to devote right now.  Generally the case is fairly knocked around already so you'll have to ignore the finish on the plastic.  

    Also, I managed to wrestle out the tiny led at the front.  Nothing too fascinating there however it seems to be a bi colour chip only.  None of the distinguishable marks gave an indication it was an off the shelf thing which was slightly interesting.   Still tossing around the idea of which colours to embed in the perspex.   Current thoughts are;  Blue (because I've got some spares laying around), red, because it would kinda match? shifting red/blue, because of the underlit led which shifts (difficult),  strobing RGB stroke lights (because RGB)

  • Get a handle on it

    FiftyOne08/30/2019 at 13:25 0 comments

    Previous hand grib site is a bust I think.   

    Figured out the hole centers for the internal moldings.  Doesn't seem to be any rational geometry in it which isn't great. 

    Handle needs a little work but its not bad.   Just a shout out to simple tech, no need for fancy 3D printers or lazer cutters.  Inkjet ftw. 

    The thermal fuse may need modification to accommodate what I'm planning here.  Not sure the remaining ABS will be strong enough to do what I'm planning but happy to be proven wrong.

  • Hand Grip basics

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