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A Z80 laptop

Kyle IsomKyle Isom 10/09/2019 at 00:220 Comments

Though quiet, I've been plugging away.

I'm currently working on a serial I/O board that can be used for some of the initial work; it's based on the RC2014's dual SIO/2 card with modifications and adaptations for my purposes.

The real bugger right now is the display and keyboard. I'm thinking of using PIO chips for this, though I was previously considering an atmega1284-controlled I/O board.

I also got a compact flash to IDE adapter, so I think I' going to use that for a disk drive.

Importantly, I'm also waiting on the EEPROM program (hey, revision 7 now) to show up. I can't do much until it gets here, as the Z80 doesn't know what to do.