A mini moving time lapse camera

A moving time lapse camera built on the Raspberry Pi, with a small form factor.

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This camera is built to make time lapse photography a simple task. Using the raspberry pi and a specialized housing, the actual camera pans in a nearly 180 degree motion to make for fun time lapse action. Part of the goal is to make sharing your time lapse and its location easy and available for the community to see via the web. Enjoy.

Housed inside a 3D printed case, a Raspberry Pi forms the brains of this device. A  5V Lithium polymer battery powers the Pi as well as motors, a camera, and a touch screen. The motors will be used to pan the camera across a nearly 180 degree angle while a time lapse shot is being captured, they will be geared up in a ratio that is optimal for for the time lapse.  The touch screen display will be used to interact with the camera and its setting. Finally, aside from hardware, software will be developed to allow users to directly share their shots and where they took them.

  • First 3D model

    Halek06/29/2014 at 19:04 0 comments

    The key aspects of this model are the opening that runs across the the top of the case which is where the camera will pan., and the opening at the bottom where a touch screen will allow user interaction.

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