First flight

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Writing a flight controller. Follow my progress @

Jacob DahlJacob Dahl 09/22/2019 at 22:150 Comments

Spent the first few hours of the day getting everything ready for flight testing. I implemented the yaw controller, added the plumbing, and found some ballpark gains. I fiddled with the rate controller gains for Pitch and Roll a little bit more, and then began iterative flight testing for fine tuning the gains. I realized quickly that I needed a level horizon calibration, so I implemented that. The vehicle felt slugging and hard to control, requiring a lot of over compensation with the sticks. I realized I need both stick expo as well as to allow the attitude controller to command a higher angular rate setpoint to increase responsiveness. Increasing the maximum angular rate made my P gain for the attitude controller too high, so I had to dial that back as I cranked up the max allowable rates. It took a little while to find the sweet spot for attitude controller gains, stick expo, and max angular rates, but I finally landed on something that feels solid.