Update of Film Plate

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Scan regular 8 and super 8 film and create a digital copy

AntonAnton 09/02/2019 at 14:050 Comments

I'm currently testing a new film plate, which reduces the direct contact to the film to only the side parts (which do not have parts of the images). In all the tests no film has ever been scratched, but I want to eliminate the risk. 

The new version brings another challenge: due to lesser friction, the film will not be positioned so tightly, so it can be moved more easily. (eg through the film capture wheel) 

film plate V1 - the inserted 1mm acrylic light diffuser has direct contact to the film

film plate V2: the contact of film to the rail is limited to the sides

V1: Scanning 15000 images showed that the frame has been corrected by the stepper about 500 times - peaking when glued parts of the film got scanned. 

V1 precision test