• Finito!

    Øystein10/20/2019 at 11:21 0 comments

    Saw the sword finished after it had been sanded painted and done everything aesthetically to it.

    Not too bad! So nice to see the product finnished

  • CAM and milling!

    Øystein09/24/2019 at 07:14 0 comments

    So I made a lot of progress. in like, its finished. Or at least my part is. I was only going to make the shape and then the client was going to to the painting, leather work etc. So I had to scratch my head a bit and do some collaborative head scratching but I got my cam worked out.

    Since the sword was centered in the stock i only needed to make the toolpaths for one side. That way i could just flip the stock and register it with a pin to mill the other side.
    As you can see in this blurry picture I used a a sacrificial mdf plate to mill a pocket in so that I could know 100% where the beech stock would be. I then started the milling process
    first side roughing done, now I used a 6mm ball endmill to make all the surfaces smooth.
    Then it was just flipping it and doing the other side.
    All done just tabs holding it in place.
    Milling done! This has been a good learning process. And i am happy with the result!

  • making a 3d model!

    Øystein09/01/2019 at 18:34 0 comments

    I made a 3d-modell from a reference picture:

    I used the bottom half as a canvas in fusion 360 to get the proportions right. My friend that order this had several other pictures but this was the easiest  to work from.

    This is my first draft after discussing the proportions and dimensions with my friend. next will be making shure it is ready for cnc (making shure the milling bit can cut the corners etc).