The ublox 6M 1hz Issue - but why not at least 5hz?

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Various GPS receivers from different centuries can have varying localization quality. I set out to understand the differences.

timo-birnscheinTimo Birnschein 09/03/2019 at 04:150 Comments

Apparently, the M6 from ublox can be configured to run at 5hz as well, according to the manual.

In the center of the screen, one can see, the Maximum Navigation Update Rate can be up to 5hz for the NEO-6M.

The interesting part is, this GPS receiver actually comes from HobbyKing and was part of a kit I put together to return telemetry through the D8R-II Plus receivers! These things are amazing, have incredible range, fail safes and other interesting features. However, I believed the GPS module must be kinda crap. Finding a ublox under the heat shrink was a surprise and reading it can run at 5hz was extra nice!

However, I could not figure out how to reconfigure it do actually output 5hz.

I found an interesting post how to reconfigure this using an Arduino but I didn't have the time to try this, yet. 

And none of the immensely detailed configuration screens in ublox center seem to have any effect on the configuration of the receiver:

This would line up with what is later described in the manual for the T and P versions of the receiver (even though they write further up that it works also on M:

In any case, for my testing I don't want to use the binary mode as this makes testing with universal software difficult. So 1hz it is for now...