Non-Invasive Current Sensor and Servo Control Add-on

A project log for Just Another Dust Collector Controller

Automatically detects when a blower gate is opened and turns on the collector motor

JasonJason 09/12/2019 at 18:080 Comments

As I wait for the PCB to arrive, I was thinking of ways to improve the system.  I saw a video of someone using servo and current sensors to automatically control the doors on the collection system.  So I start the process of designing a servo control board that will interface with the existing system. While the design is still only a few days old and untested; I figured it was far enough along to share. 

Again, this board was designed with a non-electric/computer person in mind.  All the setting would be accessible from the PCB and did not require a PC to set up and managed.  The settings include a 3-way switch to force the gate open, closed or put the system in “Auto Mode”.  5 Pots control versus thresholds.