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A project log for Just Another Dust Collector Controller

Automatically detects when a blower gate is opened and turns on the collector motor

JasonJason 09/19/2019 at 14:470 Comments

I took the controller with me on a business trip and spend the night getting the basic code framework out.  It is going to run on top of Arkhipenko’s TaskScheduler. (  This should help me isolate any issues between the different control systems while managing the different task’s timing requirements.  The code will be divided up into 5 major systems with the major systems having some subsystems

With the logic tested as much as I can in simulation.  When I got home I mounted the PCB, power supply, LCD and relay module to the polycarbonate sheet.  With the devices inside the enclosure, it is starting to look good.  Hopefully tomorrow or the day after I can get the C14 Power plug, Start (Green) button, Stop (Red) button, Config (Blue) button, and USB extender mounted and wired up.

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