Displaying OctoPrint data on an ESP8266 with an e-ink display.

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OctoPrint has a pretty swell API and I though displaying stats from it next to my bed would be a good idea, as it wouldn't be as blinding as other panels.

Hardware is a generic ESP8266 module, with a cheap E-Ink display.

Firmware is being developed using PlatformIO using:

GxEPD2 for Controlling the E-Ink display

* ArdunioJSON for reading the API responses

  • First steps

    B Horn09/07/2019 at 01:20 0 comments

    My E-Ink display arrived today, so been getting that working.

    Have a wired up prototype on a breadboard. Little sketchy tbh, but I'll clean that up when I move it to a proper enclosure. Has a nice little button to wake it up from sleep,

    I do need to have a quick check on the power requirements so I can decide how I power it. Planning on placing it on my bedside table, which does have some USB ports, but if it's low enough, I can probably just use one of the random rechargeable batteries I have laying around.

    Just need to get the firmware to a state in which I'm happy with. It connects to the API and can parse some data, just need to select everything I want. Supports the ESP8266s deepsleep mode, which is pretty handy!

    Sadly, the Octoprint REST API doesn't let you get things like the position of the extruder or the responses to GCODE commands (see the note here). Can use the job progress to get a percentage, so at least that's reasonable. Will get a nice progress bar :D

    Currently writing it as a Arduino project with PlatformIO, but probably a better idea for the future is to hack it up as a custom sensor for esphome. Will drop the source on Github when it's in a working state.

    Need to start designing the enclosure though, not really sure how I want it to look in the end. Feels like a bit of a waste to have it just as a normal box.

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