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We wanted to offer a cheap entry into the construction of own wifi-based hardware. The result is our infrared-pulse-cannon.

aiyionaiyion 09/05/2019 at 19:570 Comments

And this is the next revision, after the other members of our freifunk community complained about 'one' being to few LEDs.
Tripled the LEDs, tripled the current, by cutting the base resistors value in thirds, and reducing the corresponding pullups resistance to 4.7K.
Still purple, still taking 5V but now from a smd micro usb port instead of a tht one.

Side node: Reichelt does have exactly one micro usb port...
And thats footprint is not known to KiCad...

We aim for another usb port, in order to have it prepicked by our upcoming chinese pcb vendor. So this surely not be the last but current revision: