I had to re-assess.  Let me put a quick warning to those doing this silently.

Garden shops are notorious for traps. rockwool sucks, honestly expanded clay pellets are bs and both (seemingly intentionally) are extremely difficult to start seeds in. They mess with ph and get you chasing it. Moreover , the phdown they sell you is citric acid which rapidly evaporates.  The end result of this is all your seeds pop but die in the rockwool due to continuous rising ph.
Dont say i didnt warn ya.

The second trap, is everything i got was covered in spores. I setup the humidity dome and the deep water CULTURE , did exactly what it was supposed to do and I had a bloom. I was lucky and noticed the feet smell before it got out of hand and sacrificed my entire setup and seeds and sterilized it with bleach and then sterilized the house , aired it out, sterilized, aired it out. The moral of the story is dwc has the potential to go very very badly if you get contamination in your setup. More than that you wont wanna scrap it and bleach it when it happens and if you dont any chance of cleaning it out completely is dead.  Probably a bad idea to do in the quasi legal state most states are in now. 

Lastly, dispose of ph'd water outside Not in pipes/plumbing. 

So lessons were learned. Bleach everything and rinse it 3 times before bringing it into your lab.  DWC is a terrible idea for shared living space / grow.  Bubbles shoot spores a long distance. You need to be able to sterilize the entire room.. Carpet, beds, fabric, are bad things to have within the same room. Treat your grow like the back of a toilet. You dont carpet the back of the toilet.... you bleach it. 

 Sooo. After assessing the Lease details, and surmising my best course was to ask my landlord outright for written approval this is what i did after compromising willingly from DWC to cloth pot soil / soilless with drip pan watered by hand. (I will likely make the auto watering system but will not run or test it here)

Waiting for sensors to return and get here and setting up a soil moisture sensor. This is a good change. It will grow slightly slower soil but soiless is nearer to hydro. The end results are close enough the win is being legal and having permission.  The added bonus the soil buffers the ph , and removes need to use hundreds of gallons of water prepping blocks and pellets. Using soiless , reduces the chance of pests / bugs.  My mentor told me to go this route first but I wanted to do the dwc cause ive been building these for 20 years and finally wanted to run one.  Im willing to abandon that for now , for the chance to legally do it somehow.