I had to re-assess.  Let me put a quick warning to those doing this silently.

Garden shops are notorious for traps. rockwool sucks, honestly expanded clay pellets are bs and both (seemingly intentionally) are extremely difficult to start seeds in. They mess with ph and get you chasing it. Moreover , the phdown they sell you is citric acid which rapidly evaporates.  The end result of this is all your seeds pop but die in the rockwool due to continuous rising ph.
Dont say i didnt warn ya.

The second trap, is everything i got was covered in spores. I setup the humidity dome and the deep water CULTURE , did exactly what it was supposed to do and I had a bloom. I was lucky and noticed the feet smell before it got out of hand and sacrificed my entire setup and seeds and sterilized it with bleach and then sterilized the house , aired it out, sterilized, aired it out. The moral of the story is dwc has the potential to go very very badly if you get contamination in your setup. More than that you wont wanna scrap it and bleach it when it happens and if you dont any chance of cleaning it out completely is dead.  Probably a bad idea to do in the quasi legal state most states are in now. 

Lastly, dispose of ph'd water outside Not in pipes/plumbing. 

So lessons were learned. Bleach everything and rinse it 3 times before bringing it into your lab.  DWC is a terrible idea for shared living space / grow.  Bubbles shoot spores a long distance. You need to be able to sterilize the entire room.. Carpet, beds, fabric, are bad things to have within the same room. Treat your grow like the back of a toilet. You dont carpet the back of the toilet.... you bleach it. 

Im not setup in my house anymore and that is making it a bit more difficult to develop and experiment and zero in on a good setup.   at the end of the day what i am planning here would require a room with a set volume, and airflow and constant temp and humidity. no one has a perfect tent because everyone is different and you end up making it work no matter what. A working setup almost has to have 2 tents a 3x3 or what ever to grow in and another around that to normalize the variables so what im making can work. 
So gorilla grow tents are awesome, but expensive . Thinking this thru logically anything i could build to make this work , would raise the cost to where the smart thing to do is build a dedicated grow room , and toss the tents. 

Until I can figure a way to do this for reasonable cost , while controlling all variables , it wont work. there are a plethora of variables too, airflow inside , outside, volume of both areas, temp of both areas, type of light, to package what i want into a fool proof repeatable growing box, it really is designing an entire setup  in one package. everything from the humidifier , dehumidifier, light, fans, filters, EVERYTHINg needs to be in one package to make it work. Then you even need to know what seeds so you need to partner with a master grower with a shit ton of seeds once you make the grow room setup. THen you have what im working on. 
Think like the 3dc printer filament with rfid setup that was made. That but with pot seeds. 
I welcome you to run with it , just give me one if you sell them. 

oh a HUGE oversight I made... 
CMH315 lights are NOT hot pluggable. 
Programming JAH controller with a liveupdate to do parallel use / dev will cause the light to power cycle meaning 15 mins dark time before the light will allow restarting.  A tiny switch to hold the relay open for the reboot would solve it but makes for a multi part programing scheme that is easy to screw up.  Some strains  REALLY dont like that sorta abuse. 

Next approach will take that into consideration.