So far the AC side is finished. It just needs the RJ45 connector to connect to the controller.

The controller will utilize an esp32 with a tiny oled to aid setup. An RTC and the wifi connectivity will pair to keep accurate time.  The BT can be utilized to make a smart phone app for monitoring / setup. I am also making a little touchscreen remote for it for remote monitoring. The hardware for the controller is more or less finished.  I may add an nrf24l01 with the hopes of making the wireless sensors much cheaper at 1$ ea nrf24l01.  I was trying to get the basic functionality of the light working first, since it was the only channel of the outlet strip that has its sensor already installed. 

The way I have this planned out the Home screen will show the days date and time, and between them G for germination , V for Veg , or F for flower phase.  There is a Day / ZZz indicator to easily know if you can open the tent for daily TLC.  And a (currently malfunctioning) time left countdown that will tell you how long till the light state will change so you dont get caught with the tent open when the lights go off.  Right now to get started coding the gui Ive hardcoded a default setting for each phase and will later write a quick function to scan the sd card for setup info so you can easily customize it. Most of the code is not completed as I wrote this while suffering a pinched nerve in my back that pinched while typing.  

I only heard about the contest today and I had not planned on writing this up at all, nor finishing it before jan 1st but once I saw the contest I figured I'd toss up something with no expectation of winning anything but just to share what I have. This would be embarrassing due to it not being done but for 3 days notice  with a pinched nerve and a sick cat I am ok with it. I almost never have deadlines so it was kinda fun seeing how much of it I could do in minimal time. 

Its been a very busy week. I only had about  an hour free so far. There is a code update that i suspect resolves issues in the light control code posted. I wasnt happy with how complicated it was getting to handle the exceptions so I rewrote it.  Im going to do some testing and make sure it works as expected before posting.  It now boots a default schedule for testing with hooks put in to handle manual overrides , and custom schedules from SD when I implement that. 

In the past week my kitty was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after refusing to eat for 2 weeks. My mom who I care for after a stroke and multiple health problems , had heart surgery. And I managed to pinch a nerve while caring for her. That didnt stop me from writing some code. 
The lights come on and off on schedule.
The RTC sets itself on powerup , and Im working on setting it up to autoupdate the time on a schedule. 
The NRF24l01+ is wired up and initialized. 
The rj45 is here and the AC side is tested. 

Just as I finished porting all the features I needed the heltec wifi 32 blew its regulator.  I had a problem with an SD card that failed and got red hot too. I removed all the stuff that might have got damaged and ported the code to a mega.  The heltec failed literally as I figured out why the spi bus was not working as soon as it wrote the card for the first time.  After 4 days of hunting down "arduino compatible" incompatibilities it was nice to sit down with a mega and a clear breadboard and have the entire thing work in less than an hour.  Im working on laying out a shield because I did not put any effort into making this breadboard look nice and its bothering me.  

update 4 
Figured out why things were smoking left and right (tbh the wifi32 is the first devkit I've ever blown up)  I have a genuine ftdi cable from our favorite retailer that is clearly labeled 3v3 but it is 5v. Once I raised an eyebrow at it and checked it everything...

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