Putting on a Face

A project log for Hello Double Bell Clock

Like the hello world of Hackaday, I'm building a clock.

Andrew CooneyAndrew Cooney 02/28/2020 at 14:261 Comment

It was finally time to start placing the Neopixels and I was able to use the templates that I had previously put together.  After taking a closer look, the ring around the clock looked especially tight and I changed my plan to use a single string of Neopixels due to wiring issues.  I put the vertical segments of the clock face down and found a way to stuff the control electronics in the back.  I was very happy with the clock face and took some pictures to celebrate.

However I then hit my first snag.  The whole assembly did not fit in the housing anymore.  While diagnosing what happened I believe it has to do with a joint that was made on my Neopixel strip.  In order to meet the desired length my supplier spliced the strip in one location.  Three small snippets (the horizontal parts of the 7-segment displays) fit along with the housing in place, but the intended ring does not.

I also discovered that I had a wiring error and chose the data out of the last pixel instead of the data in of the first pixel.  That was easily corrected but the fitment is not yet.  My next plan is to take one of the spare strips I have and choose an unspliced segment to confirm it will fit since the three small segments did.  After that I'll reassemble the whole works and start to alter the code to support two different segments.


Jibril wrote 02/28/2020 at 14:41 point

Ha ha celebratory pictures, nice. 

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