Getting to Blinky

A project log for Handheld 85

ATtiny85 based handheld game

Matthew ReevesMatthew Reeves 09/11/2019 at 06:260 Comments

The first step is getting the ATtiny25 to be a blinky.

In theory that looks something like this:

However, rather than the DIP8 format I have a surface mountable ATTINY25-20SU, so it's going to go in this clamping gizmo that I bought off ebay. 

When the clamp tightened down it felt like the pins bent. Hopefully the chip will still be usable later. 

Clamp on clip

Burning the bootloader worked perfectly and the chip should be running at 8Mhz. Modifying the Blink sample to toggle pins PB3 and PB4 seems to be working.