How it works:

The panel is actually quite simple.

The keypart is the wifi-module ESP8266. It creates a webserver that hosts a website in my local network. Is a device in the same network as the ESP8266, it can access the website through typing in the browser. When then a color is choosen, the colordata gets send over an websocket from the website back to the ESP8266. Which changes the color of the Neopixel ledstripe. The only thing that now needs to be done, is to make notes with a white crayon marker. The notes can simply be erased with a wet towel.


The panel is powered over an USB-A to USB-A cable and a 5V/2A power adapter. The reason a USB-A and not a smaller USB socket was used, is that he fits in just perfectly with the middle wood piece.

I know i should have used some capacitors before and after the LM7833, but i just had not enough space. Lukily it works anyway.

Things im working on:

  • Turning the panel automatic off at night. 
    • A pythonscript on a raspberry pi checks the time. When it becomes night he connects to the website and turns of the LEDs.
  • OTA
    • Programming the ESP8266 over wifi instead of using the USB-UART adapter. This is necessary because i don't want to unscrew the wooden cover just to upload a new version of the software.