11/11 - 11/17

A project log for Bot-thoven: A Robot Musician

Creating a robot that will be able to perform on a xylophone with musical expression - such as dynamics and articulation.

Jason P.Jason P. 12/12/2019 at 14:170 Comments


This week, I will print the prototype for the servo-mallet system I will be using. 


Using the initial CAD I designed, I will use a 3D Printer to print out a stand to create my first prototype for the servo-mallet system. 


Below is the first physical prototype I created for the servo-mallet system.

To address the servo size problem I brought up in the past several weeks, David and I disassembled the xylophone into two separate parts to free up space around the xylophone frame. The wooden blocks show where the servo-mallet systems will be placed (all around the xylophone) to ensure we can fit all the servos.

Technical Specification

The microcontroller which I am using is the Arduino Leonardo. The technical specification, obtained from the Arduino website it shown below. 

All the parts I will be using for my project function and connect to the board as intended. A video of my HITEC Servo functioning when connected to the Leonardo microcontroller is available to view here


I will need to take the problems I found with my first prototype and create an improved design for the second prototype.