2/10 - 2/16

A project log for Bot-thoven: A Robot Musician

Designing a Servo Motor Based Mallet System to Generate Musical Expression in Instrument Playing Robots

jason-pJason P. 02/18/2020 at 14:170 Comments


I will need to finish building the remaining 15 servo-mallet systems.


I will attach the mallets onto all of the servos and use a 3D printer to print the stands to hold up the servo-mallet system.


I have finished printing the final 15 stands needed for my servo-mallet system. Using zip-ties and rubber bands, I also completed attaching the mallets to the servo horn.

In addition, as shown above, the new components I had ordered arrived. This includes the power supply, the power adapter, and the servo extension cables. 


For next week, I will need to continue building the final set of servo-mallet systems by attaching the servo to the stands I have finished 3D printing.