I started drawing the character on paper then imported to inkscape.

Autodesk Fusion 360 was helpful to get the PCB outline.

Queen Bee progress
Drawing sketch / capture / progress / Inkscape / Final design


The circuit was captured on Autodesk EAGLE, this is based on low power & low pin count mcu, a pic10LF322.

This mcu has 4 GPIOS , 1 of them is just input. 

•Operation Voltage 1.8V – 3.6V

•Up to 512 Words of Flash Program Memory
• 64 Bytes Data Memory

The electronics is powered by a  cr1220/25 battery so this has to be power saving.

Qeen Bee Sch / Autodesk EAGLE
PCB top & bottom layers / Autodesk Eagle


The LEDs are controlled by charlieplexing technique ,so 1 LED is running at time,this POV feature save power and works great with low pin count mcu.

The Queen Bee badge stills sleep  in low power mode until you wake her up pressing the push button.

Pressing the button will change the LEDs animation until go to sleep again.


  • Use this as a Pin or on Necklace
  • The PCB has ENIG finish , this gives to our Queen a real Golden Crown.
  • Black silkscreen on whithe soldermask
  • Light weight, so the pcb thickness is 0.8mm
  • Small size, 30 x 35mm
  • PCB was used as a light diffuser

Assembling - The fun part :D

  • On top there's just two LED s, I select yellow color for the eyes to not blind.
  • On backside you can find 4 LEDs reverse mounted, this is to get a light effect ,looks cool.
  • The components were distribuited to ease the soldering and optimize the space.
  • I think the hardest part to solder is the mcu,it's a sot23-6 package,nothing special :P
Queen Bee Front & Bottom view
Component location , Top & bottom view

A video or pictures hand assembling will be here

Tools required :

  • Soldering iron / pliers / solder wire / flux

Where will it be sold?