1. Download the DXF file and convert it into gcode or other form that your laser cut machine can recognized. 

2. Laser cut the acrylic case 

3. 1 Hook up the LCD2004's  SDA and SCL  pin to raspberry pi's SDA and SCL pin, and connect the LCD2004's 5V and GND to raspberry pi' 5V and GND 

3.2  Hook up your pir sensor to your raspberry pi GPIO 4 (wiringPi named)  and connect the Vcc to 3V3 on Pi, GND to GND. 

4. first please add python libarary via this command: python -m easy_install --user https://github.com/pl31/python-liquidcrystal_i2c/archive/master.zip

5. login to your Raspberry pi ( assume  that you have already flash the TF card with Raspbian OS) 

and open a terminal and typing this command : 

git clone https://github.com/yoyojacky/mycode.git

cd  ~/mycode/

python3  weather.py

6. Have fun.