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A project log for OtBC

"Old-timer Board Computer" Mostly because cheap electronics are widely available.

Frédéric DruppelFrédéric Druppel 12/24/2019 at 12:451 Comment

In the function diagram project log, I said that GPC02 would be "used for multimedia and environmental awareness", so it would control the multimedia functions (FM Radio, Bluetooth, on screen compass,...) of the board computer system. But while I was working on the graphic screen interface, I noticed that the 128x64 had a small pixel density, and thus would be hard to read fast.. so I started to make an interface with large (touchscreen) buttons as you can see on this first radio test

But I wasn't satisfied, and it would take a long time to implement all the menus, submenus, and functionalities I wanted to have; Basically I was rebuilding a complete aftermarket car radio system from scratch, with a few custom features.

Consequently, instead of rebuilding one, I bought a car radio system ! Plus it even has CarPlay, so it's even better than what I wanted to make myself.

So what about GPC02 ? Well, It will still exist, but more as a "black box" that monitors and controls features in background. It will now have a toggle switch interface (like the overhead switches in the STS programs) instead of a touchscreen interface.

It will still have all the sensors & modules I intended to add (GNSS, Temperature, GSM,...), and also have a SD datalogging feature.

I'm also adding Bluetooth LE, more on that in another log...

I'm also changing the RS485 interface for a CAN bus, as the message collisions are easier to avoid.


Jon wrote 09/03/2020 at 17:21 point

Always a great idea to separate the mission critical functions! In addition to your OLED screen have you considered outputting to some traditional dial displays?

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