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A project log for OtBC

"Old-timer Board Computer" Mostly because cheap electronics are widely available.

Frédéric DruppelFrédéric Druppel 12/24/2019 at 13:060 Comments

In the previous project log, I said that GPC02 will have Bluetooth LE. The whole point of doing this is to display the sensor data wirelessly on a readable screen, and to add toggle switches that won't be implemented in the overhead switches.

Here's a picture of the app at the current state of the development process :

As you can see on the right side, there are 5 gauges that display speed (KMH), engine RPM, water temperature (°C), battery 1 voltage and battery 2 voltage respectively. Of course those aren't all the available data from GPC02, but this was just a proof of concept (and also a first try on developing an iOS app with SwiftUI). Other available data will include : battery (1&2) and generator current, fuel level (although I still need to test that), sunlight UV radiation, etc.

On the left side, the big LED is controlled via a toggle switch in another submenu in the app, and the potentiometer controls the RPM gauge. All the other gauges display a fixed value, sent bu the Arduino Due. 

The BLE module I4m using is an AT-09, with a CC2541 IC; and with the numerous Swift, SwiftUI and iOS CoreBluetooth tutorials available online, it was relatively easy to make this app in a few days (as a complete newbie).

All the source code will be available on GitHub at the end of the project.