Dining Room Bar

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An ESP8266 room sensor/LED controller for my Home-Assistant

JasonJason 09/13/2019 at 22:130 Comments

 The dining room bar is a fun project as it used 5 different LED strip and 2 door sensors to give the bar a fun party vibe.  When in day mode the inside lights come on with just a white LED to let me see what is inside. However when the house is set to PaRtY MoDe; the cabinet uses rainbow LED patterns to make the room more fun!

The cabinet was found at an estate sale for only $20, so I was not concerned with preforming any modification to it.  The LEDs are held in place by “V Shape LED Aluminum Channel System with Milky Cover” ( and link to my PCB board and master house PSU.  The doors use a wired door magnetic switch and the automation is (mostly) controlled by the ESPHome system.

Installing the door sensors:

Installing the LEDs and cable management:

Day Mode:

Party Mode: