Prototyping the Hardware

A project log for Just Another Room Sensor

An ESP8266 room sensor/LED controller for my Home-Assistant

JasonJason 09/14/2019 at 02:450 Comments

The room seasons are built around an ESP8266 using a custom PCB that can be used in almost any home automation I could think.  The sensor includes a breakout for 4 buttons for any local control, DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor, PIR sensor to detect motion, clock-less LED strip and analog input for a future light sensor or other analog input.  The PCB is built around Bud Industries’ CU-18428-W case.  This was chosen as I still rent and cant hid the sensors in the wall or perform major “wall surgery.”

This first prototype was tested on cardboard and mounted in my hallway to test the stability of the sensor:

I created a few case prototypes to see how the PIR and temperature sensor would enjoy living in the case:

The inside of the case was breadboards :

A test of the 4 button membrane location:

Once the PCB arrived, hole placement was verified and it was all correct! 

The PCB assumed and reviving its programming:

The old test sensor mounted above the newly installed permanent sensor:

Unfortunately the DHT22 did not like living in the case.  It caused the temperature to rise by an extra few degrees.  Until a cleaner look can be created, the DHT22 just hangs outside the case: