Update : The plan (First Iteration)

A project log for CloverDroid : A Smart Urban Farm

A smart farming for cities using IoT sensor network, ESP8266/32, Raspberry Pi, and a small plot of unused land.

LuckyLucky 09/24/2019 at 08:220 Comments

Here is the plan. I plan to turn this

into this

And here is the design block diagram.

There will be 3 sensor node and a nutrient control system. All of them is developed with ESP8266 board (either WeMos D1 mini or NodeMCU). I plan to use Blynk IoT Platform for easy and solid mobile app UI. Futhermore, with "Metabase" as website data visualization platform.

The system can be divided into 3 parts:

1. Sensor Network and data acquisition.

2. Nutrient Control System with Blynk Bridge to fetch data from pH and EC sensor.

3. Metabase Website Data Visualtization.