Internal USB 2 hub with header pins

Internal USB 2 hub

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Many USB accessories only use one of the 2 ports on a motherboard connector so I designed a hub to fix the issue.

Looking around online I found several schematics that were close to what I wanted but no cigar. The hub needed to plug onto an internal USB header with optional power to it, with a pass through of the unused port of the header. The hub needed to have pins rather than sockets to suit accessories intended for internal connection.
I messed up the mk1 pcb by missing 3 components, these were bodge wired on to get it working, the other issue was that it obstructed the 2nd motherboard USB header requiring a move.
The hub chips do not monitor the actual current as when powered it is external to them so I included PPTC fuses on the power outputs, equally when unpowered 100uf caps are there just in case :)
I am uploading just the schematic as that is working, ( the mk2 pcb's are in the post  )

The PWR suffix on the schematic is used in the design rules for auto routing with a track width of 1mm, non PWR tracks are .3mm wide, PWR and non PWR are linked on the pcb with 1206 zero ohm links that are not shown on the schematic.

  • Ground Plane

    steverddrf09/26/2019 at 19:44 0 comments

    It seems that there should be a ground plane on the bottom of the pcb where the differential pairs run and between different pairs, I have kept the area around these and other areas clear so as not to interfere with them. Due to the short track lengths  the effect of ground plane or the lack of one should be minimal, this will be added as an option to the pcb.

  • update

    steverddrf09/18/2019 at 22:38 0 comments

    The mk2 pcb will have the option of using though hole or surface mount for the 100uf electrolytics as I find they need a lot of heat using hot air.

    I will add a mk3 pcb to the project but not build it unless the mk2 does not work, the mk3 will have a hole added so that locking sata plugs will actually lock,  and once the surface mount 15 pin sata connectors arrive for me to measure I will add pads for them. Power options will then be 4 pin AMP Mate n Lock ( incorrectly known as molex ), through hole sata 15 pin, and surface mount sata 15 pin.

    The current design is limited to a 50 X 50 pcb, it would be nice to have actual current limiting of each port by running the +5 volts through mosfets with limiting circuitry.

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