1. The material we need in this project.

2. Screenshot of some steps.

3. Test it.

Product list:


IR2153  http://bit.ly/2Ne2itF


Resistor 100K http://bit.ly/2WmR1ud

Resistor 47K http://bit.ly/2Th6bn6

Resistor 22Ohm/2W http://bit.ly/2XqF8oJ

Resistor 10K/2W http://bit.ly/2Y7F6RA


Capacitor 680uF/450V http://bit.ly/2vPpBlv

Capacitor 1uF/250V http://bit.ly/2Ud9nNC

Capacitor 470uF/50Vhttp://bit.ly/2NxjcU6

Capacitor 1nF/2KV http://bit.ly/2Wyj4r4

Capacitor 100nF/100V http://bit.ly/2H8N87v

Mosfet IRF740  http://bit.ly/2GCBjaT

Diode MBR20200 http://bit.ly/2IDyIiu

Diode Bridge 2510 http://bit.ly/2LG3EjU

More details, pls check the video on Youtube: