Almost Ready for Selling VESCular6

A project log for VESCular6 (VESC6 + Circular)

VESC firmware based Motor Controller, Small Circular Type

Dongil ChoiDongil Choi 01/19/2021 at 14:190 Comments

We're almost ready for selling "VESCular6". 

15 "VESCular6" have been completed in initial volume and will be officially sold. 

If the initial supply is exhausted, you can purchase it in a pre-order manner.

For pre-ordering, we receive a certain amount of orders, produce and ship them at once, which may take about a month.

VESCular6 is a multi-functional motor controller that specializes in "Robot Position Control". Based on Benjamin Vedderb's VESC6 hardware, it provides complete compatibility and enables accurate position control through additional developed Custom App Software. 

VESCular6 can be purchased from Site below.