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A project log for MPPT for low voltage solar harvesting

Microcontrollers + caps = MPPT in the time domain?

Simon MerrettSimon Merrett 09/16/2019 at 21:561 Comment

How about this? 


vr2045 wrote 09/16/2019 at 22:28 point


- Assuming this is indoors, you will likely need a boost converter to maximize power from the solar cell. THis could be implemented as a switch and inductor, switch driven by U1. Will allow you to draw power from the solar cell even when its output voltage is below 1.8V.

- Leakage from 100K resistors are likely to be large contributors if the device is on infrequently. You may want to change R1/R4, R3/R5 to >1M to minimize leakage

- Consider a resistor on the PA2 output to limit max current draw into the caps

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