Denford CNC GRBL Controller

A drop in replacement for Denford and ScanTec MicroMill and MicroTurn controllers with GRBL and USB / Bluetooth.

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I was given a Denford CNC machine that is in amazing condition.

It was controlled through a proprietary software that is no longer maintained. Instead of reverse engineering the serial protocol that interfaces to the old controller, I decided to make a new controller.

The new controller is based on GRBL and is a drop in replacement for the old one. It sits on the 93 way header and uses a cheap microcontroller board to run GRBL.

All inputs are protected with clamping diodes to protect against voltage spikes. Additionally there is an RC filter which debounces the switches and a buffer.

Because I don't have a computer near my CNC and I didn't want to make a USB cable to hook it up to my phone, I decided to add the option to use a Bluetooth transceiver with the board. This lets me connect to it using my phone and this works amazingly well. I do all the homing and Gcode streaming through an app called '''GRBL Controller'''. Everything work

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Dan Maloney wrote 09/17/2019 at 15:44 point

I checked out those Denford machines and they're pretty cool. Wish someone would give me something like that!

Good job getting one and and getting around that proprietary software.

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Damped wrote 09/19/2019 at 21:41 point

Thanks Dan!

I was pretty excited to get one I'll be honest. They are super sturdy but I wish the Z axis could go lower. Maybe I can figure out a way around that.

Good luck finding your own!

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