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A project log for Time Blaster

IR blaster to be used with the Fri3dcamp 2020 badge

Wim Van GoolWim Van Gool 6 days ago0 Comments

So we started on the next revision of the blaster. Mainly we'll be increasing the solderability of the finer pitch through hole parts (TO-92 and 5mm WS2812 LED)  and increasing the pads of the SMD parts for the same reason.

One of the new features added will be the choice of USB connector. Currently only a USB-B was foreseen, since it's really easy to solder and the minimum SMD pitch would be 1.27mm, perfect for the beginner in SMD soldering. But by popular demand we added the Micro USB, with 0.65mm pitch, and USB C 16pins with 0.5mm pitch. For the Micro USB connector we made sure to source one that does not have metal at the backside, reducing the chance of creating a solder bridge between the casing and the pins and making sure that the heat of the solder iron goes towards the pin and not the casing. We do run the risk of some molten connectors, but we'll make sure to have some spare ones available on site.

Micro USB connector back side
USB C connector back side
USB C connector back side