1. Materials we need to prepare:

2. Screenshot of some steps.

3. Finished and test.

Product list:

EE 28 Transformer http://bit.ly/2xMjpf2

TDA7294 x2 http://bit.ly/2YOSfA7

RH860 Diode X4 http://bit.ly/2DwEP2n

IRF3205 x4  http://bit.ly/2AMKJM7

LM7812 http://bit.ly/2LvSBcG

LM7912 http://bit.ly/2Jbs0j7

SG3525 http://bit.ly/2Hb5qXH

Transistor 8050 x2  http://bit.ly/32qs9FN

Transistor 8550 x2 http://bit.ly/30BsXWV

Capacitor 4700uf/50V http://bit.ly/2NSWA4m

Capacitor 4700uF/25V http://bit.ly/2NOQFgL

Resistor 10R x5 http://bit.ly/2UTDASo

Resistor 10K x5 http://bit.ly/2TMSWXV

Resistor 470 x2 http://bit.ly/2ubDCcE

Resistor 2K x2 http://bit.ly/2AJVU8g

Resistor 22K x4 http://bit.ly/2soUICX

Resistor 33K x2 http://bit.ly/2YoG3Gr

Resistor 860R x2 http://bit.ly/2Y0NIxl

Resistor 7.5K http://bit.ly/30yTeor

Resistor 200K http://bit.ly/2JwgI8h

Resistor 1K http://bit.ly/2XXF9R3

Capacitor 100nF x8 http://bit.ly/2QK6ph7

Capacitor 1nF x2 http://bit.ly/2SYCB2s

Capacitor 22uF/50V x2 http://bit.ly/2NP0dYZ

Capacitor 10uF/50V x2 http://bit.ly/2M9qC34

Capacitor 2.2uF/50V x2 http://bit.ly/2SaTM0P

Diode 4007 http://bit.ly/2tt5dFO

Diode FR107 http://bit.ly/2VquG38

More details, pls check the video on Youtube: