Ocean Test No. 2

A project log for SolarSurfer

A robotic solar-powered surfboard that will travel from LA to Hawaii! It's Arduino-powered, satellite connected, and collects ocean data.

Rusty JehangirRusty Jehangir 07/17/2014 at 21:140 Comments

7/17/14 - We completed the second test of the SolarSurfer in the ocean. Last time, we only had an RC receiver and we drove it around manually. This time, it had a full blown autopilot with GPS, compass, and an IMU.

We stored at set of waypoints in the autopilot's memory. When switched into autonomous mode (via the RC transmitter) it automatically navigated between the waypoints. Amazingly, it was totally successful on the first try. Check out the map image that shows the waypoint path and the two test runs. There's an interactive version at