Quantity   Component name
2 × Pelican Cases (1200) For protection.
1 × Airmar WS-100WX Wind Sensor Wind, air temp, air pressure sensor
1 × Atlas Scientific pH Sensor For measuring pH and ocean acidity
1 × Custom made steel keel For thruster mounting. A weight on the end allows the surfer to right itself if capsized
1 × BLDC Motor Monitor Board (Custom) Measure thruster rpm, current, voltage to diagnose jams, short circuits, etc.
1 × Power Monitor Board (Custom) Measures power from solar to battery, battery to load to manage power use
1 × Temperature Sensor (Sparkfun DS18B20) To measure water temperature
1 × Mobri M-2 Radar Reflector To increase visibility by other vessels.
1 × 8 Foot Surfboard Foam currently, upgrading later.
2 × BlueRobotics T100 Thrusters For propulsion and steering.
2 × BlueRobotics Basic ESCs For thruster control
1 × 3D Robotics APM2.6 The brains.
1 × 3D Robotics uBlox GPS & Compass For position.
1 × 3D Robotics Power Module For current and voltage sensing.
1 × Rock Seven RockBLOCK Satellite Radio For communication.
1 × 120 W SunPower Solar Panel For energy.
1 × Morningstar Solar Charge Controller For power regulation.
1 × 12V, 18Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Enough power to keep the electronics running all night and on a cloudy day.