12.03.2020 - Some progress

A project log for VT-01 - robotic project

a Versatile robotic platform for various tasks.

nj1337nj1337 03/12/2020 at 01:020 Comments

Hi !

I've made some progess in the last days. I've designed the new shape of  the robot and printed it. It's a "little" bigger as you can see  in the picture : 

I've added a couple of sensor : 

I've changed the way raspberry pi 4 and arduino are communcating. I'm using SerialUSB.

I'm working now on the software on a small prototype : 

And here is the major change, i've totaly rewrited the sofware : 

Here is the web interface (not finished yet) : 

You can see in the SSH windows the "core" dispatching data to browser and arduino.

Next step is to change motors with more powerfull one with encoder and begin to add a small arm. Or maybe some computer vision. I dont know yet.

Have fun !